Thanksgiving Message to Our Clients and Partners

By Rhea Primavera
November 24, 2022

From our Chief Strategist, Rhea Joaquin-Primavera:

Firesprings celebrates it’s 5th year anniversary this week. Yes, it has been five years! Firesprings Consulting was inspired by wanting to do more for the Philippines. Being an independent consultant for years, I wanted to scale what was successfully done for my clients in shaping relevant people practices and organizational cultures. More importantly, I wanted to help create an impactful dent (and, if possible several dents) in assisting Filipino businesses. This sparked so many chats with Partner Strategist John Lagdameo and Legal Strategist, Paolo Primavera, as we imagined how we could impact the Philippines by supporting the growth of small and medium-sized businesses. While plans were fuzzy, we took a leap of faith to incorporate. “Let’s just do it!” And “kaya yan” rang in our ears as we launched Firesprings.

The Firesprings journey gained traction in its first year, with more folks sharing our passion for supporting Filipino businesses. The coffee chats soon turned into business planning sessions as Partner Strategists, Katie Bersamin and Bobit Silerio, joined us in propelling the plans and initiatives to scale the company. This created opportunities to expand our clients in various sectors, including retail, pharma distribution, hospitality, education, manufacturing, and other services.

This momentum led to forming of the multi-generational tribe and pool of multi-disciplined strategists. While our company’s growth took a bump due to the covid-19 pandemic, it is one of our proud milestones to have successfully navigated and supported several Filipino organizations to survive, and some to even thrive, during the pandemic.

Fueled by the journey of our clients, our growth story continues as we passionately pursue new ways of thinking and co-creating sustainable solutions for organizational change guided by the Firesprings H.E.A.T (details on

We want to take a moment to thank our dearest Clients and Partners for being part of our growth journey.

Thank YOU for bringing our story to life!
For believing in our purpose,
For trusting our process,
For participating in thought provoking conversations,
For your time spent with our team.

AND thank you for sharing your own journeys that will continue to inspire and strengthen Filipino businesses.

Maraming Salamat for igniting our first five years.