We are a multidisciplinary team of Strategists who share a passion for pursuing new ways of thinking and co-creating sustainable solutions for organizational change.


Our Approach to Organizational Development

Firesprings Consulting Inc. facilitates the growth of Filipino Enterprises by providing access to full-scale Organization Development Consulting services that positively impact Organization Effectiveness, People, and Culture.

Organizational Development is a systematic process that enables organizations to achieve greater effectiveness by developing, improving, and reinforcing culture, strategies, structures, and processes.

Our process is anchored on the spirit of cooperative collaboration to generate the right amount of H.E.A.T to drive business growth.

Visualizing HORIZONS

Our strategists facilitate conversations that will explore future possibilities resulting in clearly articulated strategies on how the organization will position itself for success. In addition, our consulting will help you clarify your organization’s purpose, and values, define your market position, set priorities, pinpoint organizational capabilities, and define critical metrics for success.

Some ways we help clients visualize horizons include:

  1. Guided facilitation for Future Sensing
  2. Venture Clarity for business owners
  3. Strategic Planning workshops
  4. Leader Mentoring programs
  5. Advisory Services

Assessing ENERGY for change

We engage clients in a collaborative data-gathering process in which relevant information is gathered, analyzed, and reviewed to assess if the organization is ready to drive and support change. We will look into the following elements: A shared understanding of the urgency for change Leadership’s capacity to lead change Employees’ capacity to change Impact of the change.

Through various diagnostic assessments and organizational audits, clients gain deeper insights into the current state of capabilities, challenges, effectiveness, and performance gaps. Our evidence-based approach provides a clear link between strategic goals and changes drivers that will achieve desired results.

Our strategists return the analyzed information and facilitate action planning workshops to co-develop change solutions, co-define success indicators and co-create roadmaps towards desired change.

Developing ABILITIES to support change

We support organizations in defining, developing, and scaling capabilities through impactful interventions. Interventions can be for individuals, teams, or the entire organization. Each intervention aims to improve or enhance performance and effectiveness. Interventions we design include the following:

  1. Interpersonal skills and group process initiatives
  2. Culture Transformation
  3. Leadership Development
  4. Competency models
  5. Organization Redesign
  6. Employee experiences
  7. Performance management
  8. Succession planning


Our consulting approach, assessments, tools, and solutions focus on helping achieve impactful and sustainable results. Our team guides organizations in creating feedback loops and mechanisms to help you ensure a continuous process of collective data to assess if initiatives and interventions are having the desired impact.

Quick Fire

Get immediate insights on the current state of your business. We will use your responses to determine how we can best support people and culture development.

Some Insights we'll gather:

  • How well does your organization plan for the future?
  • Does your organizational culture properly support your values and strategic directions?
  • How effective are you in putting the right persons in roles in your organization?
  • How robust are your people processes and systems?
  • How well do you understand your customers, and what their needs and aspirations are?
  • How involved are your leadership teams in shaping your organizational culture?

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