Observations on Effective Organizational Development Practitioners

By Rhea Primavera
November 24, 2022

OD practitioners are often asked to support an organization’s journey to implement planned change. The most common is the support in diagnosing systems, developing interventions, and implementing interventions. OD practitioners also specialize in reward systems, organizational design, and business strategy. And there are also those entrusted to carry out planned change processes in the organization.

The primary role of OD is to improve organization effectiveness. According to Global OD Competency Framework, an OD practitioner has five roles: Systems change expert, Efficient designer, Business Advisor, Credible Strategist, and Informed Consultant. 

Whether the OD practitioner is internal or external to an organization, it would be critical for any person with an OD role to understand and practice business strategy, change management, and effective communications and leadership skills.

Asides from the roles and competencies, OD practitioners are observed to practice the value of respect and inclusion, collaboration, authenticity, self-awareness, and empowerment.

Over the years, I have five observations on what makes OD practitioners effective:

  1. OD practitioners are able to accurately diagnose, propose solutions, and correct implementation to an organizational problem
  2. OD practitioners are able to build trusting relationships by presenting the foundations of change, helping deal with resistance, assisting clients in trusting the process, and co-collaborate in designing the change process
  3. OD practitioners are able to successfully influence others in coping with the demand and pressure in managing change.
  4. OD practitioners are able to demonstrate their competencies and successfully transfer the knowledge to other change champions/learners within the organization. 
  5. OD practitioners are able to effectively communicate with internal and external stakeholders in managing organizational change. 

Firesprings Consulting can help you figure out how you can further develop as an effective OD Practitioner. Through a collaborative working relationship, we provide consulting support and mentoring for internal practitioners on impactful diagnosis, practical solutions, and effective implementation of planned change.