5 Key Benefits of OD

By Rhea Primavera
October 9, 2022

The study of human behavior gave rise to Organization Development as a practice. It is the practice of planned and systemic change. While the focus of OD is change and performance of an organization, today, it also includes organizational culture, competency building, and leadership development.

What are some of the benefits of Organization Development?

  1. OD provides opportunities for a systemic view to assess areas in business operations that require change. OD will create plans to address culture shifts that enable organizations to improve their people’s processes or capabilities continuously. This usually leads to effective business choices, which produce better outputs and more efficient business levels.
  2. OD can be a tool in planning for growth. Doing an analysis helps bridge sales, customer demands, and market analysis, which enable the organization to respond and adapt to market, industry, and technology changes. OD then enables leadership teams in strategy formulation, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation to bring about targetted growth. OD guides restructuring organization designs, leadership development, and employee competency building to support desired growth.
  3. OD guides organizations in embracing change. It creates an inclusive approach that supports employee engagement to impact desired change positively and aims to mitigate any resistance to change.
  4. OD fosters collaborative communication between all stakeholders. OD leads to increased communication, feedback, and interaction within the organization. This leads to employees’ alignment with the company’s shared values, vision, and goals.
  5. OD can positively affect the bottom line. The culture shift towards continuous improvement and development leads to improved operation efficiencies, higher employee productivity, increased employee engagement, positive morale, and increased profits.

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